Weekly News Update

Microsoft‘s RESPONSE to files being deleted

Microsoft engineers have discovered why peoples files went missing shortly after the release of their October Windows 10 update. The bug was due to a code inserted into the Known File Redirection (KFR). A feature that enables users to redirect the known Windows folders including Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Screenshots, Videos, Camera Roll, etc. from their default location to a new one. Users who used this feature had reported that after enabling it an empty folder with the same name would remain in the original location. So, engineers inserted a piece of code that would delete the empty files. Only they forgot to make sure it would check if the files were empty.

There are more details in, Director of Program Management, John Cable's blog post here.

New Tariffs and How they will Effect You

The new Tariffs on Chinese imported goods took effect on September 27th. How is this affecting the tech industry? If you saw Daniel's Facebook Live stream yesterday, then you know that the new pricing lists have come out and it is not looking good. You can be expecting an increase ranging from 5% to 25% depending on the product. If you watched Daniel’s live stream then you know, if you have a job with us then some of you will be contacted for a re-quote on your project. However, many of our manufacturers have given us a grace period. So, if you have a project with us, call or email us and we may be able to order your equipment now and hold it until the project begins. Thank you for being patient through this. These tariffs are something that is affecting all of us in the Tech Industry.

Nanov Display Inc. New Solar POWERED LCD Display


Nanov Display Inc has announced a new solar powered display targeted at public transportation stations. The LCD e-Ink combination displays have a 12V, 30Ah Solar Power Storage battery that the display can run on for up to 48 hours or when the 24x20 inch solar panel is not providing power to the display. Each display includes a 4g-LTE modem and an android computer for content.