Elation Professional LED Lighting and Laser Projection set the mood for this sattelite campus in downtown Glendale, AZ.

Loyola Marymount univeristy - Los angeles

5 Words Media was contracted in 2015 & 2016 by Catalyst Church to design and build a new video broadcast system for their main campus in Phoenix, AZ and to design and build a complete AV & Lighting System for their new Glendale Campus location. The existing video system that was deployed at the main campus was only recently installed, but lacked the overall quality and performance that the ministry required to move forward.

5WM met with the church worship media team, reviewed the inadequate system installed by others and designed a true broadcast system that would have the low latency and high quality that the church was looking for to support the broadcast and streaming ministry that would connect the Phoenix campus to Glendale and future campuses.

5WM designed a video system around a Blackmagic Design ATEM

1M/E switcher and ATEM 1M/E Broadcast Panel controlling a manned BMD Studio Camera 4K and fixed Micro Studio 4K cameras to provide exceptional quality to the main switch system. 5WM deployed an UltraStudio 4K combined with Propresenter 6’s Alpha Keyer module to display broadcast ready graphics from the owner furnished iMac via a thunderbolt connection. The combination of BMD cameras and the ATEM switching system allows for remote control of the camera systems from the software control panel of the ATEM. Remote color correction, zoom, focus and gain/lift controls ensures an accurate and precise image from camera to camera. 5WM also installed Hyperdeck Studio Pro hard disk recorders to capture services for high quality editing and distribution via Apple ProRes. 5WM also installed a Telex MS-2002 Production Communication system to allow the video booth, manned camera and FOH audio booth to communicate during services with expansion for the future.

At the new Glendale campus location, 5WM Media designed a complete audio system consisting of a left/right line array system of QSC KLA112 speakers coupled with QSC 181 18” Subwoofers installed into integrated sub bunkers under the stage. 5WM installed QSC AD-S8T 8” speakers as delay fills for the newly created balcony space. Speaker management of the system is handled by a BSS London BLU Digital Signal processor fed by a new Allen & Heath GLD-112 Digital Audio Console and digital snake system. 5WM installed a wireless mic package of Sennheiser G3 wireless microphones and Sennheiser G3 in-ear wireless monitor systems to support the worship band along with an A&H ME-1 personal mixing system.
The lighting system for the Glendale campus was designed around a new Jands Vista M1 lighting console distributing to Chavet Hex12 and Hex7 LED pars and Chauvet Rogue R1 Spot Fixtures. All light fixtures are supported by 12” box truss rigged to the overhead ceiling structure and ground supported on stage with LED uplighting. 5WM also installed Interactive Technologies Scenestation architectural panels to allow operation of the lighting system without entry into the lighting booth. The house light system is controlled from a Doug Fleenor DMX8DIM dimming panel controlling dimmable LED lamps.

The video system at the Glendale campus was installed to mirror the new system at Phoenix campus to allow interoperability between campus locations. Switching, camera and recording abilities allow either campus to record and playback footage from each location so that Pastors can be live in either location as required. 5WM installed NEC 5000 Lumen Laser projection to provide a clean, lamp-less and high-contrast image to the 450 seat venue.

Working with Daniel and the team at 5 Words Media has been an amazing experience. When it comes to technology supporting the ministry of church, these guys get it. I could not give a higher recommendation than the one extended to 5 Words Media and Daniel Gourley.  They are the real deal.
— Samson Dunn, Senior Pastor – Catalyst Church

5WM Crew:

Daniel Gourley
Genevieve Birch
Johnny Mitchell
Jason Schwartzel
Sarah Reed
Jeremy Whitham
Patti Boucher
Emily Davis


Speaker System
QSC two-way line-array loudspeaker KLA12-BK
QSC 18″ ported, 1000W subwoofer KLA181-BK
QSC 8″ Two-way surface speaker for delays
EV 4-Channel Power Amplifier CPS4.10 120V

DSP & Stage Audio
BSS Digital signal processor 12X8 BLU-100
A&H 24×12 Digital Audio Snake AH-AR-2412BK
A&H 10 Port universal POE hub AH-ME-U
A&H Personal Monitor Mixer AH-ME-1
Sennheiser SR300 IEM G3 Kit EW300IEMG3
Sennheiser Active Combiner G3IEMDIRKIT4

Front of House
A&H GLD2-112 Digital Console AH-GLD2-112
Sennheiser Wireless Handheld EW135G3
Sennheiser Wireless Guitar Pack EW172G3-?
Sennheiser Wireless Lav USEW122G3CC
Countryman H6 Head Mic H6DW6TSL
Sennheiser antenna splitter kit G3 G3OMNIKIT8

Video System Infrastructure
Blackmagic Design 1 M/E Production Studio 4K
MultiView Monitor
Blackmagic Mini Converter – Sync Generator
Video SDI Patchbay
Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio Pro
Seagate Thunderbolt Sled + Two SSD’s
Presonus Headphone Amplifier
Blackmagic Audio De-Embedder

Broadcast Camera System
Blackmagic Design Studio 4K Camera
Panasonic Active MFT Zoom Lens PANLENS
Manfrotto Tripod & Camera Controls Package
Blackmagic Design Micro Studio Camera

Video Projection System
NEC 5000 Lumen Laser Projectors NP-502HL
Roland Scan Convertors VC-1-SC
Da-Lite PERM-WALL 78X139NPA 159D Surface
Da-Lite PERM-WALL 94.5X168 193D Surface

Computer Graphics Station
iMac 21.5″ Computer
Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio 4K
Renewed Vision ProPresenter Site License
Renewed Vision Alpha Keyer Module

Lighting System Infrastructure
Global F34 12″ Box Truss – 10′
Altman 450 Distro Boxes
Elation Opti Branch 8 Opto Splitter

Lighting Control System
Jands Vista M1 Console with 256 Dongle
Interactive Technologies SceneStation 3
Doug Fleenor DMX8DIM Dimming Panel

Fixtures & Cable
Chauvet Rogue R1 LED Spot Mover
Chauvet Colordash 7 Hex Par
Chauvet Colordash 12 Hex Par
Ushio LED House Light LED Dimmable Lamps