GCC staff running a Yamaha QL5 console to drive the Electro-Voice EVA line-array system.

grace community church - tempe, AZ

5 Words Media was contracted in 2016 by Grace Community Church to design and build a new line-array speaker system for their sanctuary in Phoenix, AZ. The existing speaker system was in desperate need of a complete overhaul. 5WM met with the church worship media team and designed a system that would evenly cover the 1,000 seat sanctuary at the orchestra and balcony levels. By using modeling software, 5WM was able to simulate potential speaker solutions prior to the actual installation of the system.

5WM chose to design and install an EVA line-array speaker system from Electro-Voice into the main sanctuary space. The EVA system was comprised of (10) double 8” line array modules and (4) double 18” subwoofer cabinets. The Expandable Vertical Array (EVA) series is a vertical line array with an elegant system design which provides a simple solution for installed sound applications.

EVA offers true line array performance with a sophisticated internal crossover that lets you power up to eight EVA full-range modules from a single amplifier channel, eliminating the need for external crossovers or DSP. 5WM also installed an under-balcony delay ring utilizing (8) EVU single 8” speakers. The balcony speakers were time-aligned to blend seamlessly with the main system increasing overall intelligibility.

To complete the installation, 5 Words Media provided a brand new digital audio console to replace the aging analog mixing desk in the form of a Yamaha QL5 Digital Audio Console. The QL5’s format allowed 5WM to remove the old desk and use the existing microphone infrastructure to route audio signals to the rest of the system as well as the new QLX digital wireless from Shure Technologies that were added to the system for mission critical wireless microphone needs.

“Listening to the new speaker system we installed at Grace Community Church is a night and day difference from the previous system. The clarity that Electro-Voice has offered in the EVA format and price point is amazing. I can’t wait to work with these speakers again!”
— Daniel Gourley, Owner - 5 Words Media

5WM Crew:

Jason Schwartzel
Sarah Reed
Johnny Mitchell
Jeremy Whitham
Patti Boucher
Emily Davis


EV EVA 120° X 6°, 8” Line Array Module
EV EVA 120° X 20°, 8” Line Array Module
EV CPS 4-Channel Power Amplifier
EV CPS 2-Channel Power amplifier
EV QRX dual 18-inch subwoofer
EV IRIS-Net Remote Control Module
Yamaha QL5 Digital Audio Console
Shure QLX Digital Wireless