Volunteer staff running video broadcast suite by Blackmagic Design streaming each weekend to Live Stream.

Gold canyon umc - gold canyon, AZ

5 Words Media was approached by Gold Canyon United Methodist Church to repair failing components in its existing Lutron dimming system. The initial system design had not properly ventilated the dimming cabinet causing temperature buildup in the rack which in turn melted system components. 5WM worked with the manufacturer to replace components to bring the system back into factory specification resulting in consistent operation for the church services.

After the initial service of the lighting system, GCUMC asked 5WM to provide a solution for audio monitoring for the large choir in the 1800 seat sanctuary space at the church. The choir was located off stage right of the main platform with a 65’ ceiling located above and a poured cement riser below creating an environment with little options for a solution that allowed choir members to use the space safely with maximum clarity of sound.

5 Words Media provided a solution in K-Array Anakonda flexible line array speakers installed along the front decorative choir rail and a second row installed along custom steel posts. The low profile solution was powered by a single amplifier providing a high impedance load allowing a single speaker line to be routed through the cement pad negating the use of cable ramps to allow safe entrance and exiting of the choir loft.

The following spring, because of the quality of the installed audio monitors, GCUMC asked 5WM Media to renovate the audio and video systems of the attached chapel space at the church property. 5WM replaced the existing Peavey satellite speaker system with JBL Professional 3-way 12” speakers, Crown amplifiers, and DBX processing, providing clear and even coverage of the seating areas. 5WM also installed two Draper motorized electric screens along with two Panasonic 1080P ceiling mounted projectors controlled from an Extron wall mount controller system. The church can now press a single button which lowers the electric screens and powers on the projectors and system components for use.

With the successful work done in the chapel, 5WM drafted plans with church staff to overhaul the existing video system in the main sanctuary with a new broadcast switcher and streaming system the following year. The new system would include a Blackmagic Design ATEM Production 4K switcher, Telex production com system along with a robotic PTZ camera system provided by Vaddio. All HDMI and DVI source conversion in and out of the system was provided by Roland Systems and the final stream source was created and supported by a Livestream Broadcaster Pro. With the system created, the client has switch capability of one manned floor camera position along with two PTZ cameras as well as alpha keyed graphics from EasyWorship software layered on video from the existing graphics station. Network control of the Blackmagic switcher allows the graphics position to push graphics to the screens with the included network ATEM control window on-the-fly.

After successful installation of the broadcast video system, GCUMC asked 5WM to supply a retrofit LED based solution for the overstage house light system located 65’ above. Due to the building’s design, the overstage lighting could only be replaced by erecting a large amount of scaffolding which was cost prohibitive for the church over time. 5WM Media Inc. partnered with Altman Lighting to install Chalice LED recessed fixtures to replace the existing 500w halogen fixtures. At 100W of power, the Chalice LED generates a huge savings in power usage and the mains dimmable version of the unit allowed 5WM to use existing power and dimming infrastructure to complete the installation without any extra cost to the control system. The church is ecstatic that they will never have to replace a bulb above stage again while enjoying the added cost savings of LED.

“I would highly recommend 5 Words Media to any church or company seeking to improve their lighting, video or audio systems. They have helped us improve all three systems at our church. Any of 5 Words Media’s staff will treat you and your project with care. From the owners to the employees, all work hard to deliver on what they have promised in a timely fashion.”
— Fred Steinberg, Senior Pastor – Gold Canyon UMC

5WM Crew:

Daniel Gourley
Jason Schwartzel
Sarah Reed
Patti Boucher
Brandon McGrath
Phil Santillan
Brian Carr


Blackmagic Design ATEM Switching
Roland VC-1-SC Convertors Vaddio Precision Controller Vaddio Wallview CCU Livestream Broadcaster
JBL Pro AE Series Speakers
Crown DriveCore Amplifiers
DBX DriveRack 260
Panasonic Projectors
Draper Motorized Electrol
Altman Chalice LED 100W