Altman Pegasus 8" Fresnels and Phoenix Profile fixtures illuminate the state of the art sets at Dalton Street Studios.

dalton street studios - riverside, ca

5 Words Media was contracted to design & install LED lighting equipment and drapery into the Dalton Street Studio as part of their new production studio installation.

The system was comprised of LED lighting fixtures from Altman Lighting.  5WM chose LED 6" & 8" Pegasus Fresnel fixtures to light the sets main key/fill light from above the set.  5 Words outfitted majority of the fixtures with Chimera speed rings and Westcott 4X6 soft bank units to provide a 3000K diffuse wash to the studio set. 

The back lighting and set backdrop areas were lit via a combination of Altman Phoenix 150W RGBA LED profiles and Altman Spectra Cyc 100W RGBA LED fixtures.  These versatile fixtures allowed infinite color choices for the studio team at Dalton Street allowing the utmost in flexibility for the system for years to come.  Additional Colordash accents from Chauvet Lighting as well as Elation Flex Pixel LED Tape lighting was used as in-set lighting to create window light-boxes and accent lighting tied to the DMX control system.

5WM Media installed a Pathway Connectivity Cognito console to control both studios.  The Cognito allowed easy operation with WiFi connectivity throughout the space from iOS/Android devices.  The DMX control signal was routed to Leprecon Watson Relay boxes providing isolated DMX output as well as relayed control of the fixtures to further extend the life of the system for many years to come.  

As a part of the system, 5WM installed an ESA Fab custom power distribution system that mounted at pipe level and fed the Watson relay boxes in each studio location.  A H&H double track system was installed along with a Rosebrand seamless cyc and black drape to complete the space and provide a flexible canvas to work in.

It was important to supply the studio with flicker-free LED fixtures that were also silent in operation. The selected Altman fixtures provided convection cooled fixtures with impeccable color rendering which was apparent from the moment we turned them on and viewed the results from the in-studio video feed.
— Daniel Gourley, 5 Words Media

5WM Crew:

Daniel Gourley
Daniel DeLaTorre
Genevieve Birch
Johnny Mitchell
Adam Alden


Altman PHX 150 WLED Profile
Altman Spectra Cyc 100
Altman Pegasus Fresnel 8"
Altman Pegasus Fresnel 6"
Pathway Cognito 2 Console
Leprecon Watson Relays
Elation Lighting OptoBranch 8
Chauvet ColorDash Accents
ESA Fab Custom Power Distribution
Rosebrand Seamless Cyc
Rosebrand Black Drape