Work at 5WM: Current Job Openings


Job Purpose

To develop and engineer project designs into complete AV & Lighting systems that meet the standards and best practices of 5 Words Media and industry standards.

Job Description

Your Primary Duties and Responsibilities
The Project Engineer performs a wide range of duties including some or all of the following:

Design the project

  1. Work with Sales Staff on long-term Design Builds to develop the System Design for the customer.

  2. Create renderings for Design approval, fundraising or visualizing.

  3. Support Sales staff by keeping a project log & design book for the project.

  4. Translate final design package to Engineering team for Project Engineering.

Engineer the project

  1. Participate in Sales to Engineering “Kick Off” meetings.

  2. Develop the system design by engineering cable, hardware and rack packages ito fully functioning systems.

  3. Create wire pull schedules, equipment layouts, details & rack/panel layouts as needed to complete the project.

  4. Work to maintain accurate “As-Built” drawings of all client systems as required.

  5. Work with field personnel to assist in answering and solving project challenges as required.

  6. Assist in commissioning systems as required.

  7. Work with clients to qualify systems designs and help suggest alternate systems or directions as needed.

  8. Learn systems, disciplines & programming as required to complete the projects assigned.

  9. Help to create and maintain “Best Practices” for the company and field technicians.

  10. Contributes to team effort by accomplishing additional tasks as needed.

Secondary Duties and Responsibilities

The Project Engineer will assist the Sales and Operations department with other responsibilities as follows:

  1. Help with service calls and client needs as required by the Sales & Engineering teams.

  2. Learn programming for control systems frequently used by 5 Words Media

  3. Meet clients and assess and quote needs as required.  Finders fees are available on quoted projects.

All other duties to be assigned.



Full-time Salary Position w/ Commission

Employment Classification: Full-time and NON-Exempt


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