5 Words Media was contacted by Sound Image of Arizona to help design and build a state of the art lighting system for the historic theater at Arizona Western College in Yuma, AZ.  The existing system relied heavily on incandescent lighting with a distributed dimming system.  Because of the limited electrical service to the theater and the extreme power usage of the existing lighting systems, the AV systems were limited in their performance and ability to service the 400 seat venue.


5 Words Media was approached by O’Farrell Community School (San Diego, CA) to design and build a new stage lighting system for their 600 seat theatre that would be safe and flexible for a wide range of theatre and public events that the school offered for students and the surrounding community. The project was designed and completed within the required 2 month construction schedule during summer break to be ready in time for the fall performance schedule.

Loyola Marymount University

5 Words Media was contracted in 2017 by Loyola Marymount University to design and build a distributed Danté audio network featuring Yamaha Digital Audio consoles.  The system is a flexible system where consoles, snake boxes and Danté playback devices can be deployed anywhere on stage and throughout the backstage and support areas as required.